Tandre is the romantic pairing between Tori Vega and Andre Harris. Veon is the real life paring of these two stars.


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Top 10 Moments (Season 2-3)Edit

1. In the Diddly Bops, If you look from a diffrent angle,Tori rests her head on Andre's Shoulder while singing, Song2you.

2. In "Andres Horrible Girl." Tori Gets Jelouse of Hope

3.In "Andres Horrible Girl" Tori and Andre Hug, Tori seems to put her leg over his hip, and Andre seemsTo dip her slightly.

4. In "Prom Wrecker" Andre asks who Tori's Date is, and she respondes, 'Oh I knew i forgot something! Maybe I could just dance with you." Andre respones quickly "Yea."

5.While Singing Countdown, Tori sings, "10 -3", But when Andre sings, "Dont ya know that I want you 2." She stops. Its like Andre wrote the Song for her.

6.In TGP, Andre was the only guy Tori hugged after singing "Make It in America."

7. In TGP Tori plays the Piano, Yet, Andre is the only other person that could play the piano in the gang. Its possible he gave her lessons.

8.In TGP if you look closely after Andre and Robbie kiss her, She Falls in Andre's direction with a Fainting Smile.

9. TGP marks their first kiss.